May Smith
After getting back from Florida I'm on an empanada kick, so I was happy to give these a try! The sauces are actually amazing and really enhance the empanadas, I'd be happy to taste other items from the menu some time! Personally I liked the chicken and found the beef a little too salty, but the hot crispy experience is wonderful overall ☺️
Alberto Ratmiroff
The Best Venezuelan Empanadas, in Louisville, or maybe in Kentucky!!! That Good!!!! At the Oxmoor Shopping Center!!! Latin American Cuisine!!! Venezuelan Style!!!!
Dave Shadowen
So good I recommend going to the mall just to eat here! Kiosk in middle of mall. Great empanadas plus tacos, burritos, and bowls. They have veggie and keto, too. Was wowed by the Venezuelan burrito with plantain inside! What a great idea!
Tina Tina
Small little place for a coffee or a latte It’s inside the mall
Howard Luo
Best empanadas in the state hands down! Do not think just because this is just a kiosk in the mall that you can't get mind blowing flavor. Every time someone says Oxmoor mall, I ask if they've tried Frida's and if they haven't, they absolutely need to. This place is reason enough to go to Oxmoor and as someone who hates shopping, that is a massive compliment. One thing I will say is that I hope that the ground beef empanadas come back. While the shredded beef ones are good, the ground beef ones are on a different level.
Juan Rivas
This place is at the mall?!?! I love it. Genuine, fresh. My god. I had a moment like Anton Ego moment when I bit into the empanada. Took me back to when my great grandma made them and closed the edges with a fork. 😌
Melanie Rudolph
Frida’s Alchemy food is fresh and delicious ! The owners are so nice & wonderful ! Recommend ❤️